About Us

Parliament Entertainment Records and it’s owner Mr. Ben Weisman, has dedicated his record company to helping the Gospel Music Community all over the USA by having an open door policy of listening to new artists, producers and songwriters and trying to help them get started in their careers.  Mr. Weisman has been in the music industry for over 60 years as a songwriter, producer and record company owner.  The company is now working with new artists such as Jewel With Love Gospel Singers featuring Kenneth Williams (Los Angeles, Ca.); Chosen Gospel Recovery Gospel Singers (Los Angeles, Ca.); Big Brother Dee(Los Angeles, Ca.);The Mighty Voices Of Joy (Los Angeles, Ca.); Wisdom Gospel Singers (Los Angeles, Ca.); Winds of Fate Gospel Singers (Milwaukee, Wisconsin.): Rapture 7 (Carbondale, Illinois) and Matt Mattoon and George Renner of Renwood Messenger Recording Studios (Kenosha, Wisconsin), also other artists that are now in the process of being signed to the label.

Mr. Len Weisman producer and personal manager is a gentleman who works very hard with the Parliament Entertainment Records artists to help further their careers.